Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Man loses leg, fails to notice

From the realm of, "I bet that leaves a bruise!", comes this story from CNN: Japanese biker fails to notice missing leg. According to the story, a Japanese biker was tooling along, minding his own business, when he hit a safety barrier. Ok, at this point, I'm thinking he may have been a little tipsy. Hey, it happens. Have a few brewskis, lose control of your motorbike. Been known to happen. This one, however, gets better. Our Japanese biker guy continues on after hitting the barrier for 1.2 miles. He only stopped because he was at the next junction. His buddy stops and picks up the first guys leg. Can you imagine his reaction? "Holy crap dude! You left a floater!" When he stops, he notices that he feels a bit lighter. Have you ever had that, "I feel like I'm a foot lighter" feeling? He and his, newly liberated, appendage are shipped off to the nearest hospital but the leg is unable to be reattached due to the amount of damage. How can you not feel that your leg has been crushed completely off? In all fairness, the story does say he was unable to negotiate a turn, not that he was drunk. He says he DID feel excruciating pain. I would have to be so stoned, I couldn't even start the bike. This happened in Tokyo. LewisC