Thursday, July 10, 2008

Black Hole Idiots

I was browsing the web, reading the news, looking for good stories to blog about and found a doozy. It's hard to believe the idiocy that has entered our country and mainstream life. I'm tired of the forces of political correctness, I'm tired of racists who validate it and I'm tired of race baiters and serial offendees.

According to this blog entry, a black commissioner of the Dallas County Commission was offended when when another commissioner said the collections department had become a black hole because paperwork was regularly being lost. The offended commissioner then said loudly, "Excuse me!" and said the office was a "white hole!". I think he's an A-hole. What a freaking race baiting idiot.

If you read further, the blogger explains what a white hole is and why the commissioner should be glad the office did not become one. My favorite part though, is a comment further down, "You know, when *I* look at a collapsed star, I don't see color." I actually burst out laughing at that one. It still makes me giggle. Carl Sagan would have loved it. ;-)


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