Sunday, March 05, 2006

Back From Vacation

Tampa Skyline From Cruise Ship, Legend of the Seas. I'm back! What a great vacation. If you're in the market for a cruise I can definitely recommend Royal Caribbean and its 7-day western Caribbean trip. Take a look at some pictures. I'm going to be posting a day by day set of blogs about the trip here as soon as I have them electronically (from hand written notes). I had cruised the Caribbean with my wife on our honeymoon about 6 years ago. We were given a Carnival cruise as a wedding present. The carnival ship was much larger than the Royal Caribbean (RC) ship we took this time. It carried a lot more people and just seemed to always be crowded. The RC ship was much nicer. When the Carnival cruise was finally over, I swore I would never cruise again. When I got off the RC cruise, I was planning my next one. I brought 8 books and a dozen magazines with the intention of reading them all. I read 1 book and 2 magazines. I planned to get all kinds of writing done and I did almost none. It's amazing how much time can be consumed through eating and napping. ;-) Today I'm unpacking and playing with my son. I know it's the grandparents job to do it, but after a week with 100% of grandma's attention, he is SPOILED! We called just about everyday on the trip but he refused to talk to us at all. He woke me up at 4am this morning looking for grandma and grandpa. Heh But we're getting back into the groove. And of course I have to mentally prepare myself to re-enter the real world of work and schedules. Blech! I need to win the lotto! And that's all I have time for today. Unpacked luggage is calling my name. Actually the wife is calling my name, but I think you get the idea. ;-) Tags: