Monday, March 13, 2006

Royal Caribbean Western Caribbean Cruise, Day 2

Day 2 was a slow lazy day. It's a sea day traveling from the gulf of Mexico out to Grand Cayman. It rained overnight; the deck was wet when we finally got up. We started with a room service breakfast of eggs and bacon and fruit. It comes with a nice assortment of rolls and biscuits. No bagel for the wife though. When we did decide to start moving around we headed up to the lido deck. That's deck 9 where the pool and the solarium are. I decided to pony up $48 to get the all you can drink Coke sticker for my seapass. You get a coke cup that gets unlimited refills at any bar. I got my coke and a deck chair and broke out one of the books I brought with me. I decided to read Doom: Infernal Sky by Dafydd ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver. Wow! What can I say about a book that has more cliches per square inch than any other book I have ever read. It was all exposition along the lines of: "Say Jim, did you notice those aliens eating your face?", said Bob understatedly. "Why I sure did Bob. I believe they are satanic skull people from the planet Kerplah. They traveled here by FTL stage coach. They want our women.", Jim expounded while peeling the face sucker from his head. "Let's destroy them with this handy nuclear bomb", said Bob with absolutely no emotion anyone would believe. Gag. I like the first two in the series and as much as I hate to admit, I read this entire book (not in one day). I left it on board in the library. With a few chapters of that under my belt I had no choice but to immerse myself in a warm, saltwater jacuzzi. That made it all better. A little while there and it was time for lunch. We decided to hit the dining room and eat with strangers. The food was decent and the conversation was amusing. My, my my, look at the time. We headed to the room for a nap. Four hours later we woke just in time for dinner. This was the start of a trend. Not much more to mention for day 2. It was a lazy, warm, jacuzzified day. A prefect vacation day. Dinner was good: Salmon Caesar Salad, Cream of Chicken Leek Soup, and a Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream. Scrumptious. After that it was back to the room for some TV and snuggling. Finally sleep. I found I liked hearing all the accents on board. People were from all over. Our waiter was from Costa Rica and the assistant waiter was from Portugal. We got the opportunity to speak with these guys quite in depth. They did a great job. The cruise we went on for our honeymoon was a carnival cruise that we just didn't enjoy. It's not that the ship wasn't beautiful and well maintained. The food was great but it was geared towards partiers and that's just not for my wife and me. We didn't bring any reading material and the woefully understocked library was rarely open. The TV only had a single channel and that channel played Big Momma's House for 7 days straight. After reading the toothpaste for the 100th time and trying to avoid watching Big Momma's house yet again, I was just about ready to jump overboard. Royal Caribbean was different. The library was 24/7 (only closed while the ship was clearing customs) and nicely stocked with a variety of books. There were activities for just about any interest. And the TV, oh that wonderful TV. Not a single run of Big Momma's House. They had a movie channel and we watched a couple. The movie was different every day and alternated between an english version and a spanish version. Some of the other channels were CNN International (english and spanish), ESPN (english and spanish), XY Music (MTV-alike), CBS Spotlight on Royal Caribbean (Interesting the first go around but boring thereafter), Headline News, Turner Classic Movies, TNT, Animal Planet, Bloomberg, A channel to teach people how to gamble in the on board casino, Royal Classics (really old movies), Cartoon Network, Boomerang (Kids TV), Retro TV (like Nick at Night), E!, Venus TV (women's channel) and a view from the bridge. There was another channel that ran in a loop of available excursions at our ports of call. Day 3 was Grand Cayman. We were looking forward to it. But that's a different story. Tags: