Saturday, September 29, 2007

Heroes Season 2, Episode 1

Don't worry, this isn't a recap. Just some thoughts. Drivel really.

I finally caught the first episode. I had it DVRed because it comes on at the same time as K-Ville. Anyway, a buddy of mine saw it the night it premiered and didn't like it. I was expecting to be disappointed but I was disappointed about being disappointed. I mean I liked it.

Kinsei being a brit was a total shock to me. But I can see how Hiro will replace him and be the real Hero. I should have seen that coming.

Not so surprising is the little hottie Claire. She started a new school and has already found a new boyfriend. Somewhat surprising is the fact that he can fly.

The other plot twists are that Hiro's father and Nathan and Peter's mother are both marked for death by an unknown assailant. At the end of the show, a hooded intruder jumps with Hiro's father (I really want to call him Sulu) over the side of a building. Could it be Sylar? Someone else?

Not much going on with Suresh and copper Matt. They are baby sitting Molly, the girl who can find anyone. Looks like Matt is getting divorced and Suresh is going to work for the "Company".

New to the cast are Maya and Alejandro. Maya seems to have a power that kills large groups of people by making them bleed from their eyes. Sweet! That would be a bad skill for Sylar to pick up.

The show ended with several guys whacking a security guard over the head and opening a shipping container. Inside is Peter who is chained to a wall. He doesn't remember who he is.

The two plot points I am most interested in this season, so far anyway, are Hiro in 16th century Japan and Peter. How did Nathan live? Did he just drop Peter off and fly away before Peter blew up? Will Hiro take over for Kensei and become a legendary hero?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Sorry. I guess this did become a recap. Oops. ;-0