Sunday, July 22, 2007 - Monetize your blog

Bloggerwave is a new site for making money from your blog. I'm making money right now by blogging about this. Bloggerwave, as far as I can tell, make no requirements about what you blog. You just need to include links or text as required by the vendor and then post as normal. I think in general it will be reviewing web sites or products and things like that. This is my first so I am not positive. They do require a minimum number of words and sometimes will require other minimal items in the blog. When I use them, I will put a disclaimer like the one below. Bloggerwave did make headlines not very long ago when paypal thought they might be a scam. See Did Bloggerwave make a Payment with a Fraudulent Bank Account or Credit Card? or Bloggerwave defaults payments. According to the comments, the issues have been resolved and people are being paid. I guess I'll find out. If you are thinking about making some money from your blog, keep an eye out here and I will keep you posted. I am also going to try some of the other money making sites to see how they do. I don't plan to get rich doing this but if I am spending my time blogging anyway, I might as well make some money. ;-) LewisC