Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cartoon Violence Headlines

The violence brought on by some cartoons is really surreal. Everytime I hear "cartoon violence" I think of Tom & Jerry. Here are some of my favorite headlines so far (the articles are unimportant, it's all about the headline!): Cartoons: 2 Dead in Pakistan Riots Hmmm? I wonder if Wile E got some Pakistani road runners? The Reality of Cartoon Violence Hmmmm? Am I the only one who sees something fundamentally wrong with "cartoon reality"? Blair: Cartoon Violence Unacceptable Hmmm? Maybe they should put ratings on them? That darn Bart Simpson! Danish Imam Condems Cartoon Violence Hmmmm? I wonder how he feels about video games and porn? Cartoon Violence: What's wrong with this picture? Hmmmm? I don't know. Maybe the fact that we're even asking what's wrong with this picture? And my favorite headline so far: Hezbollah Leader to Bush, Rice: 'Shut Up' Well that's mature. Tags: