Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Is it wednesday already? Invasion is on at 9. Or is it 10? It's getting DVR'd. I have been going non-stop since last week. Work is picking up speed, I have a bazillion wiritng deadlines and I am working on something I can't share just yet but it's taking a toll on both my free time and my sanity. I went shopping last night and bought a new suit. Jacket, shirt, pants, tie, belt and socks. I wore it all to work today. Everything I was wearing was brand new except for my underwear. And they weren't even all that fresh. I like the double takes that generates. I don't normally wear dress shirts much less a tie and jacket. I like the looks people give me when I do that. Of course the first thing people ask is if I'm interviewing. I say, "Yeah, it's a phone interview." heh Man, I'm tired. It's time for bed!