Sunday, February 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Mardi Gras

Only if you aren't from New Orleans can you ask "Why don't they cancel Mardi Gras?" You can no more cancel Mardi Gras than you can cancel Christmas or Thanksgiving. Mardi Gras is a day that you can choose to ignore but it will still happen. Parades can be cancelled but the day will go on. As long as there's music in New Orleans, there will be some kind of Mardi Gras. BTW, I think CNN is doing the best job of covering New Orleans and Katrina. Much better than the networks or the other cable news channels. - Through war and yellow fever, the party rages on in New Orleans - Feb 19, 2006 Also, the link above talks about the flood of 1979. I was 13 during that flood. Me and two of my buddies help push a car that was stuck out of some people's yard. A photgrapher happened to pass by and took a picture of us. We were on the front page of the east bank guide, a local weekly news paper. My father was a New Orleans cop. He died in the line of duty that year. Tags: