Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Randazzo's King Cakes

A long time ago, as a consultant far, far away, I worked at Yale university as a consultant on Project X (that was it's real name, I swear. Do a google on "yale project x"). Anyway, I had never lived anywhere but New Orleans and San Antonio, TX. New Haven, CT was a different kind of place for me. After an interminable grey winter, the spring approached. Mardi Gras time! But I was stuck in yankeeland, New England. Don't take offense at the label of yankeeland. I wasn't going to make it back for the parades so I did the next best thing (me and a friend of mine from Slidell who was working there too), we ordered some Randazzo King Cakes to be overnighted to us. I think we ordered 4 large. An original and three stuffed with different kinds of goodness. We went through the history of the king cake with our co-workers and then chowed down. I have several very fond memories of my time at Yale and this is one of the best. I'll have to tell the story about setting the crawfish free sometime. The link below is about a bakery called Randazzo's. I don't know for sure that it's the same one, but I can't imagine there is more than one. I'm glad to see they're back. The Sweet Smell of Starting Over Tags: