Monday, October 08, 2007

Heroes Season 2, Episode 3, Part 3

Peter practices his powers but he's still not very good at using them on command. I'm pretty sure the Irish barmaid has the hots for Petie. Alejandro gets to enjoy the well-known hospitality of a mexican jail. Claire, lizard girl, learns about mitosis. West, the flying dude, asks the teacher if a lizard mated with a human and had a child, could it cut off a body part and have it grow back. Claire is not amused. Hiro continues his letter to Ando. Hiro walks with the beautiful japanese heroine. Hiro shows Kensei that he can travel through space and time. Hiro kidnaps Kensei and transports him to fight the 90 angry Ronin. Claire and West have an emotional episode. Claire cries. West picks her up and flies off with her. Smooth move, flying dude.