Friday, October 05, 2007

Heroes Season 2, Episode 2

I call this episode disappointing.

What is up with the Claire story line? The disappearing car? Advertainment? Disappointing.

I do like the fact that the Haitian is back. Claire's dad is jerk but I like the Haitian.

The only real interesting stuff in this episode was Hiro and this was totally predictable. I even mentioned in my last Heroes post:

Kinsei being a brit was a total shock to me. But I can see how Hiro will replace him and be the real Hero. I should have seen that coming.

Ok, it's not surprising anymore. Get on with the story.

I did like that Kinsei seems to have some powers of his own. Does that skew Suresh's dad's theories? How would you explain the break out in powers if the mutation was there a few hundred years ago?

I take what I said back, the Peter portion of the show is getting interesting too. I want to see what's inside the box! He seems to be getting a good handle on his powers too. I had a thought. The alternate future Peter, the one that hooked up with the Las Vegas chick, was kind of dark. I wonder if the new post-nuclear Peter will be dark too?

The Maya story was just more of the same. Get on with it. I get it. She makes people bleed from the eyes. Her brother can make it go away. Whee. Get to the US and start making drama happen.