Monday, October 08, 2007

Heroes Season 2, Episode 3, Part 4

Peter goes for the armored car. The heist goes bad and Peter uses his power to drag the armored car in front of the guards. Sweet. Suresh goes to the old artists studio. It's a lab for the "company" now. Suresh is in deep. Hiro has a moment. Kensei gets the prize. Niki and Micah go to New Orleans. Niki is dropping Micah off at a relative's. She's going off on her own, probably to do something bad. The relative is Uhuru from Star Trek. Maya goes to the police station to get Alejandro. The fine is 2500 pesos. What is that, like $5? She uses her powers on the cops and makes everyone bleed from the eyes. Including the guy in the cell next to Alejandro. It's a very satanic look. Uhuru is on the show. That's cool. I wonder if she'll be some kind of voodoo queen? That would be the way she could explain her powers.