Saturday, October 13, 2007

Woe is me! Laptop Died! Any Recommendations?

It finally bit the dust. After two years of faithful service, my Gateway 7330GZ finally died tonight. Yep, this is the laptop that I blogged about when I lost my F key. It started with overheating and unexpected shutdowns. By this morning, I couldn't even finish a virus scan without it shutting down. I tried to reload (I actually take backups on a regular basis and have a sync program to keep me up to date between backups). The drive is fried. I can't even get the OS installed without it hanging and/or shutting down. The motherboard may be iffy. Instead of replacing the drive, I think I'll just buy a new laptop. Any recommendations for a new one? I'm thinking of a Dell. Minimum spec: Core Duo 2, 2gb RAM, 120GB drive. My current laptop has a 15.4inch monitor and I like that. I don't need a 17in. I'm tempted to just go for 4GB of ram. My current laptop is also freaking heavy. I'd like to reduce the weight a bit. I guess I'll start looking. Let me know if you have any strong suggestions (to buy or to stay away from). LewisC