Monday, October 15, 2007

Heroes Season 2, Episode 4

I'm writing this live but instead of submitting 6 entries, I'll just save them all up and submit them at once (at the end, of course).

Nothing new to start with. Claire's dad is still paranoid (of course with the painting, guess he has reason to be). Matt and Suresh are still babysitting Molly. She's having nightmares.

Nathan is still hairy. He visits his boys and tells them he's going back home. A teacher tells him he's not allowed there. I don't know what's up with that.

Maya, Alejandro, and their new friend find Sylar laying in the middle of the road. Now that's cool.

Commercial! Argh!

Micah meets his new adopted family.

Ms Patrelli tells the cops that she killed Nakamura.

Claire gets hit up to try out for chairleading. She says no, though. Claire tells West that she can't see him anymore. It's because of her dad but she won't say so. He tells her he'll back off in one day but first she has to go out with him.

Nathan shaved. He's on the war path because his mom confessed. Matt tells Nathan he knows he can fly because he can read minds. Nathan recognizes the symbol.

Mom won't tell Nathan why she's confessing but she does tell him that he won't find redemption by helping her; he'll only get himself killed.

Maya tells Sylar that she is traveling to New York to see Suresh (the dad). Sylar says he's friends with Suresh and will help them. He gives his name as Gabrielle (like the angel).

Looks like Monica, Mica's cousin?, is the newest Hero. She works at a burger joint. She wants to be a manager. I think her power might be mimicry. She doesn't get the management position.

Claire lies and says she's going to the library for a research paper but is really going on a date. Dad follows and see her meet up with West. He doesn't see them go airborne though.

Nathan and Matt meet up and discuss the people with powers. Nathan finds a picture with all of the big powers (the Patrelli parents, Nakamura, Linderman, etc) and Matt sees someone he knows, his father.

Claire and West sit on the Hollywood sign for their date. He is smooth. He gets her to jump off the sign and then catches her. "I know you would heal quick, but I never want to see to see you hurt." Somebody might be getting a little tonight!

Micah uses his powers to get pay per view. Season finale of wrestling? Monica comes home and passes out dinner. I like that Monica is in New Orleans and I like the fact that Katrina is mentioned but is not the focus.

Matt goes looking for dad. His dad was a criminal. He asks Molly to help find him. Matt's dad is the nightmare man, the one who can see her when she looks for people. I sure didn't see that coming.

Nathan is looking at pictures of Peter. When Nathan looks at himself in the mirror, he sees himself as very disfigured.

Sylar kills the driver when he points out they (he and Sylar) they are traveling with killers (Maya and Alejandro).

Claire tells dad she was at cheerleading tryout instead of on a date and she promises not to start dating. The Haitian shows up and says they need to head to Texas.

Matt wants Molly to find his dad. He and Suresh argue about it. Molly wakes up and agrees to look for his dad.

Monica is locking up when a burgular shows up to take the money. She puts a wrestling move on him and kicks his ass. He runs away. I think I'm right and mimicry is her power.

Molly finds Matt's dad in Phillie. Molly passes out. He reads her mind and she's yelling, "Matt. Help me!"

Next week Kristen Bell shows up. It looks like the Peter episode!

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