Monday, October 22, 2007

Heroes Season 2, Episode 5

The show starts off with Suresh and Matt taking care of an unconscious Molly. Matt doesn't want to leave her but Suresh convinces it would be for the best. Matt's question: why was his father in that photo?

Monica is giving her story to the NOPD (New Orleans Police Department). The guy she smacked around is a gang banger. She doesn't need the grief.

Peter is chilling in Ireland with the barmaid hottie. I hear he's going to have a visitor tonight. He still hasn't looked in the box. He has been getting Irish though.

Peter's visitor, Veronica Mars, is talking with barmaid one of the scumbags in the Irish gang. Is she a goon for the "company"? The scumbag tells her where Peter is. As she walks off, the scumbag tells her to watch herself. She shoots electricity from here fingers and says she can tale care of herself. Sweet!

Nathan was waiting at the police station when Matt showed up. Matt tells him about Molly. Nathan goes to Philly with Matt.

Irish bro interrupts Peter and sis kissing. An old dude from the docks tells Peter an American girl is looking for him.

Monica is getting a rep from kicking gangbang Jr's ass. I'm sure he'll be back. Monica tells her friend that her body can do things even before she realizes she's doing it. She wants to BE something more.

Matt and Nathan take the express to Philly. They stand outside the apartment that Molly saw in her mind. Nathan knocked. Dad doesn't look much like a killer or a mind reader. He looks like a bum. He also has a picture with the mark on it. There's a bullet with his name on it.

Matt's dad said he was just protecting himself. Nathan tells Matt to read the dad's mind but it doesn't work.

Micha plays the piano. I didn't know that. Micah and Monica do some bonding before Monica starts jamming on the piano. A very cool ability.

Suresh calls Noah Bennet, who's with the Haitian, and tells him he's taking Molly to the company.

Matts' dad spells out how the original group got started. He says that Matt's mind reading skill will become so much more. He can't explain it but had something to show him. There's three bangs and the door locks. Nathan can't get in.

Matt ends up in a cell getting roughed up and when Nathan kicks in the door, he ends up in the future after a nuke has gone off.

Matt's dad grabs a sweater and takes off with an evil grin on his face. This dude is evil.

Ando's back! He's studying the notes from Hiro. He has a scientist trying to help him read some of the scrolls that were damaged somehow over the years.

Flashback to ancient Japan. Hiro is still helping the UK Kensei. Kensei and the girl are falling in love while working on rescuing her father.

Monica is making tomato flowers. Micah thinks Monica has a power. He shows her his and tells her his dad can walk through walls. He shows her a comic book called 9th Wonders. Monica is a "copycat"; someone who can do anything they see. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, a mimic.

Suresh brought Molly in to the company. Bob sends Suresh out to the field with a taser. Niki shows up acting more like Jessica than Niki. She knocks Suresh away and picks Bob up and pins him against the wall. Suresh tasers her. That seems a little coincidental.

Monica and Micah go looking for a way to proce her skills. She passes on hoops anf skateboarding. She does a double dutch jump rope, though. She knocks the girls out!

Peter gets a new place to live. With someone looking for him, he heads over to the barmaids place. She's an artist. He's finally decided to look in the box. He finds:

His passport and full name
A plane ticket to montreal

He paints a picture using his junkie artist powers. The power kind of freaks her out.

Veronica shows up at the bar, looking for Peter. The brother gives her the run around. She doesn't buy it. She locks the doors and burns out the lock. Then she turns on the bro.

Niki comes to in a hospital bed with Bob looking over her. Suresh tries to get her out but she doesn't want to leave. She wants Jessica out. Only the company can help her.

nathan is still looking at a burning New York city. Peter is on the ground. It's not Peter, it's a burned Nathan. Really badly burned.

Janice and a baby show up in Matt's cell. It's like Matt's dad gave them nightmares. It's two different scenes but it's matt fighting nathan. Very weird but very cool.

Matt sees though it but Nathan is trying to kills matt. He finally comes out of it and they're both on the floor in Matt's dad's apartment. Freaky!

Molly calls him the nightmare man becuase he can literally give you nightmares. Is this show deep or what! They find a picture of Bob with the mark through his face. Not a good sign for bob!

Back to Hiiro, they were on the to fight White Beard. Taeko, the girly wouldn't stay behind though. She wanted to fight. Three against an army.

Monica watches bruce lee movies to become a martial artist. Micah likes this power. Suresh shows up at Monica's house. He knows about her powers.

Veronica Mars s making a phone call from her car. She killed the bro! She fried him. She is a little disturbed I think. She's called home. I'm guessing she's talking to bob. Daddy?

Peter finishes his painting. It's a picture of the barmaid and peter in Montreal. They get a call and go to the bar. Bro-B-Q.

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