Monday, October 08, 2007

Heroes Season 2, Episode 3, Part 5

Maya gets Alejandro out of his cell and he brings her back to normal. That also brings back the americanski in the cell next door. Looks like they have a traveling companion. What are the odds he has powers to go with his car? The Irish robbers make it back to the bar. The guy Peter "overheard" earlier tries to take the money. The bad guy shoots Peter. Of course, Peters heals and slams the guy against the wall. He goes a little dark and almost kills the guy before the Irish girl screams. Hiro is still writing to Ando. Hiro wants to leave but Kensei doesn't want him too. Looks like Kensei is turning out to be the real hero. Kensei walks off with the girl. Hiro decides to stay just a little longer. Sylar has lost his powers. Michelle shows Sylar what she can with her illusions. Then the pyscho whacks her and takes her powers. Sloppily, I'm sure. I love/hate this guy!