Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Red Cockroaches: A Movie?

Ok, I read a review of this movie, Red Cockroaches, at Based on that review, I bought a copy from Amazon. Let me tell you that thinks a lot more about this move than I do. If you haven't seen this movie and don't want to be spoiled, stop reading here. Although, you might be glad to never see this movie.

I am a fan of B movies. I really am. Supposedly this movie had a budget of $2000. Had the writing, directing or acting been better, it might have qualified as a B movie. The plot isn't just non-existent, it's stupid. B movies at least need a hokey plot!

The plot, what there is of it, revolves around a strange guy living in New York. He's angst ridden and hairy. Mommy won't visit him in his apartment so he visits her. He gives mommy a little pyramid key chain and a key to his apartment. She accepts the key and gives him a cat which he gives away to a little girl before he even makes it back home. I wonder why she has visitation issues?

Ten years ago, dad and little sister died in a car wreck. Oh wait, she's back. He sees her on a subway station where she drops a tooth and disappears. A tooth? Yep. Weird? Yep. The tooth is hot to the touch. Weirder? Yep. Significant? Nope.

The science fiction in this movie revolves around tv commercials about a cloning company called DNA 21 and warnings about acid rain. The acid rain line makes about as much sense as red cockroaches. This is not science fiction, this is a bad movie using science fiction to find a niche to live in.

Anyway, sis is back. After the wreck with dad in New York, she ended up in a coma for 9 years. That must have been on heck of a wreck because the hospital she ended up in was in Paris. France. Yep.

So, to make a long story short, they have nasty monkey sex in the kitchen. This is where they use the ketchup inappropriately. They have a history of him doing stuff to her. She kills the landlord. Mom visits finally and finds them bumping uglies. She freaks out, falls down and hits her head on the little pyramid keychain. She dies. As sad as all this sounds, it turns out well at the end when brother and sister die in a car crash.

Red Cockroaches is directed, produced, written and edited by Miguel Coyula. I've never heard of him. At 82 minutes, this film is about and hour and ten minutes too long. The main actress, Talia Rubel, seems somehow familiar. Creepy but familiar. While watching the main actor, Adam Plotch, I kept thinking that he has got to be related to Matt Dillon. I swear he's his son or a younger cousin or something. I think this might be a made up name as I know I would be too embarrassed to use my real name.

If you are a fan of badly written, acted and directed incestuous, tripe with an SF twist, this movie is a must see. Otherwise, save your money and buy an old "Three Stooges Go To Mars" dvd.